Instant Recall & Remote Channel Recording Solutions

EXACOM offers a full featured Instant Recall recording solution, the EARS-IR. With desktop and rack mount user interface options available as well as the ability to record 1-4 channels per unit, we have the right solution for your application.
The EARS-IP allows for remote audio to be recorded then sent to a G2 logging recorder for archiving via a seamless integration.

IR:1 - 4 channels per unit
Flash memory provides 5 Channel Hours of storage (larger storage options available)

IP:Special Mobile Command Solutions Available (please contact factory for details)
Analog Telephone/Radio VoIP/RoIP Converter Applications
Supports Seamless Integration with G2 Logging Recorders for long term archiving

EARS IR-Instant Recall

EARS IR-Instant Recall
  • 1-4 Channel "EARS/TRU-IR" Instant Recall Recordier
  • 80 Channel-Hours dynamically allocated voice storage (optional additonal capacity available)
  • Desktop, Console or PC/Workstation versions

EARS IP-Remote Channel

EARS IP-Remote Channel
  • Seamless iIntergration to the EXACOM "Hindsight-G2" Multi-Media Digital Recorder as "Virtual Remote Channel" via VoIP Streaming, with FTP Backup
  • 1 to 4 Recording Channels
  • Universal Telephone or Radio systems compatable Hi-Z input channels configurable for 2 or 4 wire
  • 80 Channel-Hours dynamically allocated voice storage (optional additional capacity available)